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The Degge Group, Ltd. has been awarded the U.S. Small Business Association Tibbetts Award. Click here to view!

All Star Award (Children's Software Revue 2002)

Cool for Kids Award (Technology Games, 2000)

Outstanding Achievement Award (The Commonwealth of Virginia, 1999)


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If you have leukemia and are in elementary school, chances are that this is the fastest way to find the information you need.
- W. Archie Bleyer, M.D., Former Chair, Childrens Cancer Group

The CD-ROM was a fun way to learn about leukemia, its treatment, and side effects. It is general, so any institution could fit it into their teaching program. It could even be used by schools to educate classmates.
- Sharon Frierdich, PNP, University of Wisconsin Children's Hospital

Kidz with Leukemia is a fine product, well conceived and creatively executed. Hospital libraries and resource centers serving pediatric clientele should purchase it, as should public libraries. Beyond that, its bulk-pricing algorithms are clearly intended to make it possible for pediatric cancer centers to distribute this product widely to patients, a noteworthy and commendable practice. Highly recommended.
- Caroline M. Kent, Research Services, Widener Library, Harvard University

I want to let you know Emily likes the CD and has played with it on many different occasions. It has been good for her to see other kids have gone through this treatment and has added to her knowledge of her illness.
- Tom Celedonia, Parent of child with leukemia

A fun CD-ROM game to learn about leukemia, its treatment, and side effects. Complete with different levels of learning, games and videos, this adventure offers a great boost of camaraderie for children and their families facing leukemia.
- Kenon Neal, Kids Cancer Network (www.kidscancernetwork.org)

My parents and kids alike love the CD. This CD is a great concept for teaching, especially for the parents who have a hard time explaining things to their kids and siblings.
- Dr. Brandt, Director, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Prevea Clinic and St. Vincent Hospital, Green Bay, WI

I am totally amazed that anyone took the time and initiative to produce such an excellent program targeted at such a (luckily) small population: young children with leukemia. It is a high-quality, enjoyable program.
- Patty Feist, Editor, Ped-Onc Resource Center (www.acor.org/ped-onc)

This is an entertaining and informative resource for both children and parents who are entering into the sometimes strange and daunting world of Leukemia.
- Ilana Wohlberg, CSW, Chai Lifeline, New York, NY

I got and tried many times your CD-ROM "Kidz with Leukemia: A Space Adventure," and I like it very much. Especially I think it's wonderful to have real child patients appear in important scenes. I am surprised at the abundance of information that is given to children. In Japan, even adult patients can not always get all [of the] information that is contained in your CD-ROM. I think it's very important to provide necessary information to children and to encourage them to cope with their illness. So I am very interested in your CD-ROM, and I hope
to introduce it's meaning in Japan.
- Mayuko Izumi, PhD Candidate, Japan


Healthcare Professionals responded:

  • "The inclusion of "real people" and "real" pictures (especially on sibling page). Our social worker was most impressed by the "video-game" set up. It would appeal to most kids regardless of age. Lots of great information presented in a kid-friendly manner."
  • "I like that it can be geared to a specific developmental level. It is colorful and has good eye appeal. Narrative is good. I noticed that information is reinforced throughout the program. It has many features that appeal to children - color, games, puzzles, etc."
  • "The accessibility of the information because of the dynamic and fun way the material was presented."
  • "It covers a wide variety of clinical and social topics through varying techniques."
  • "Comprehensive information that was easily understandable and engaging! A very difficult balancing act to pull off!"

Parents told us:

  • "So much information in one disk!"
  • "I like the way it gave information to my child to help her understand better and there was some stuff I didn't know that was brought to my attention."
  • "It taught him about his leukemia and what needs to be done to get better."
  • "Took a difficult issue and handled it in a sensitive way, making it reachable for the young child."
  • "The way they used cartoons to explain things to the kids. It was fun for the kids to learn."
  • "My daughter loved it and was able to get information about leukemia "on her own" and "be the expert" because she could tell me about leukemia."